As a psychologist who understands the gun and as a committed “advanced student” of the art and science of armed self-defense and the management of its aftermath, Bruce Eimer brings much to the table that is lacking in some other quarters of self-defense training. This, his newest book, is a most worthwhile read, and one I encourage you to take seriously.

Massad Ayoob
President, The Massad Ayoob Group
Founder, The Lethal Force Institute
Author, The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, In The Gravest Extreme and many other books


The book you now have in your hands will undoubtedly give you an unfair advantage on your journey to becoming a responsibly armed citizen. I’ve known Bruce Eimer since 2004 and I’ve come to learn that Bruce has a unique way of combining his clinical psychology expertise with his passion for self-defense to effectively teach every aspect of concealed carry. For years, I’ve trusted Bruce to provide world-class training and articles to the tens of thousands of USCCA members. I personally guarantee that you can trust Bruce as well.

Tim Schmidt
President & CEO, United States Concealed Carry Association
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine


Dr. Eimer has nailed it. If you have made the very personal decision to carry a firearm for your own self-defense or are even considering it, this book is an absolute MUST READ! The information that Dr. Eimer has so eloquently pieced together proves without a doubt that the firearm can be used by anyone, regardless of physical prowess, to defend the single most important thing in the world, your own life. Read this book and live it!

Mark Walters is the host of the nationally syndicated Armed American Radio program. He is the co-author of the book, Lessons from Armed America with Ms. Kathy Jackson and a regular columnist for Concealed Carry Magazine.


Dr. Bruce Eimer’s new book calls for everyone to take up the responsibility for their own safety and self defense. He tackles head-on the various impediments and infirmities sometimes offered as reasons for failing to shoulder this responsibility, and for this reason, if no other, “Dr. Excuse-Buster” does a valuable service for men and women of all ages, abilities and persuasions, by pointing out that pretty much anyone can fight back if attacked!

Gila Hayes
Co-founder, Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc.
Co-director, Firearms Academy of Seattle
Author, Personal Defense for Women


In this volume, Bruce authoritatively covers many subjects seldom before discussed in print, like dealing with physical disabilities while remaining armed. I applaud Bruce for courageously taking on these issues in a bold, but caring, manner. This book is recommended reading for everyone who owns guns for serious purposes.

John S. Farnam
President, Defensive Training International
Author of The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning, The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting, The Street Smart Gun Book, and Guns & Warriors – DTI Quips Volume 1.

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