Excerpt from the Author’s Preface

Dr. Bruce Eimer

The first law of nature is self preservation. Most animals and even plants are born with physical protective mechanisms to ward off their natural predators. Human beings are born with a highly developed brain. As human beings, our mind is our most dangerous and formidable weapon. Our ability to use symbols, tools, to delay gratification, and to think abstractly has allowed us to evolve as much as we have. Technology is an extension of the human mind and the possibilities that the human mind can think of are almost infinite. It is because of our mental complexity, as compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, that we have gotten ourselves into so much trouble. However, the up side is that humans can employ their minds to solve most problems. Therefore, we are the top predator in the animal kingdom and at the top of the food chain.

From a physical standpoint, human beings are inferior to many predatory animals. Our strength and place at the top of the food chain come from our intellect or mental intelligence. We can devise and use all manner of tools. We can also adapt to different circumstances and environments. We can hunt and defeat larger and stronger beasts through the use of our minds, proper tactics, and with the right tools. Our greatest enemy as a species is ourselves. Any given individual’s survival can be hampered by other predatory humans (i.e., violent criminals) and by predatory governments that are for themselves as opposed to being by and for its citizens. Such governments pass oppressive laws that take away basic inalienable rights, such as the right to own weapons for self defense.

Because we humans are gifted with keen minds which have allowed us to rise to the top of the food chain on this planet, we humans can compensate for deficits in our physical strength and prowess. From a self defense point of view, it naturally is an advantage to be physically fit, strong and flexible. However, even people who are lacking in this department, because of physical challenges and disabilities, can compensate and become self resilient and hard targets by learning to employ the right tools for the job of self defense.

Dr. Bruce EimerIt has been said that “God created men but that Sam Colt made them equal”. This is so true and no where is it more evident than in the history of oppressed peoples who rose up against and overthrew, or gave a hard time to tyrants, their oppressors. For example, look at some examples in history. There is the classic story in the Bible of the armed Judean Maccabees who rebelled against the oppressive decrees of King Antiochus who outlawed the practice of their Jewish religion. There is the unforgettable story of the armed Polish Jewish uprising against the German Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto during the World War II years. And there is America’s valiant story of the American Revolution for independence from the British in colonial times. These and many other true stories tell the tale of oppressed peoples who were disarmed by their oppressors, who found a way to become armed, and then, who fought back against their oppressors—against tyranny. In most of these true stories of courage and survival, those who rebelled were greatly outnumbered, but they found a way to become armed.

The lesson that is pertinent here is that even those of us who have physical challenges and disabilities, can even the playing field or the battle field, by becoming trained at arms. Firearms are the great equalizer. They allow mankind to hunt larger and stronger animals, they are the tools that oppressive governments throughout history have denied their citizens whom they did not trust, and they are the means through which outnumbered rebels have managed to overthrow oppressive tyrannical regimes…

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