Table of Contents

This book is based on Dr. Eimer’s highly acclaimed Armed Senior Citizen Column in Concealed Carry Magazine which is published by the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Preface and Acknowledgments

Foreword by Massad Ayoob


1. Taking responsibility for your own personal security

2. Carrying a gun responsibly isn’t simple so don’t be stupid

3. A matter of survival

4. The myth of self defense

5. The “good person” code

6. Accepting your limitations

7. Five Habits For Living An Honorable Life

8. Trust is not cheap

9. Refuse to be a victim

10. Sloth: One of the Seven Deadly Sins

11. Confrontation 101: Use your head

12. Managing uncertainty

13. Psychological preparation for combat survival

14. Mental rehearsal in combat and firearms training

15. Psych yourself to train

16. Teaching an old dog new tricks

17. Breaking out of tunnel vision


18. Common gun control myths

19. Big city gun crime and gun control

20. The judicious use of deadly force

21. Rules of engagement

22. A clear view of your personal security needs

23. Concealed Carry Basics – Have A Plan

24. Intelligent Choices for Concealed Carry: 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts

25. Safety Awareness – Your First Priority

26. The element of surprise

27. Lessons learned from tragedy

28. Post shooting trauma


29. “Gun therapy”

30. Choosing A Defensive Handgun For Concealed Carry

31. Living With Mouse Guns

32. Pocket carry of small caliber concealed handguns

33. 12 Concealed Carry Guns 12 Ounces or Less

34. L.W. Seecamp: Good things come in small packages

35. Kel-tec’s ultra-compact super lightweight pocket pistols

36. Review of the North American Arms Guardian .380

37. A Concise Primer On Concealment Holsters

38. Choosing A Comfortable Concealment Holster for Your Body

39. The Secrets of Intelligent Concealed Carry Holster Design

40. Carrying comfortably

41. The New Breed of Small 9mm Pocket Pistols for Personal Defense

42. A Perfect Concealed Carry Gun and Holster Package

43. Prudent equipment for personal defense handguns

44. Six Defensive Emergency Rescue Tools


45. On the importance of follow-through

46. What’s your stance?

47. Skills maintenance drills

48. The Value Of Dry Practice

49. Hold On To Your Gun: Weapon Retention and the Draw Stroke

50. Staying Sharp and Staying Armed and Alive

51. The need for speed

52. Reality based defensive handgun skills

53. Defensive shooting fundamentals

54. Individualized handgun training that makes a difference

55. Defensive handgun training for the non-martial artist

56. Learning the Skills, Responsibilities and Psychology of Armed Self-Defense

57. John and Vicki Farnam’s Defensive Handgun Course

58. “Training for a gunfight”


59. Defensive realities

60. Enter and exiting your motor vehicle safely

61. Flying safely

62. Violent Flash Mobs and Self Defense

63. Reasonable accommodations

64. Coping with physical disability

65. Arthritis and defensive handgun training

66. Defense Handgun Training for those with Aging Eyes

67. Bear arms in a wheelchair

68. Pepper spray

69. Who Should Not Carry a Gun

70. Hoplophobia Defined

71. Hoplophobes Think Nobody Should Have A Gun

72. Why you should get a Florida and Utah non-resident multi-state CCW permit

73. Home Defense 101: Sentinel or Sitting Duck?


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